Frequently Asked Questions

What is Job Searchine?

Job Searchine is an online employment marketplace in the U.S. It’s your faithful companion and a prominent choice across the USA for job seekers. We help you to find the best-suited jobs for you appealingly. We have millions of trusted customers across U.S. customers. Young talents and proficient minds will find their dream jobs in a blink of an eye here.

What makes Job Searchine different from other jobs places?

We analyze millions of data points and find the best matches for your roles by our compelling matching technology. Then, Instead of waiting for them to search for you, we proactively let know talent hunters to hire you for the job. Quality hires and improved recruitment ROI is the final result.

When I apply for a job, where does my information go?

If you like a job and think that you are suitable for that just click on the job and we will redirect you to the source of the job offer.

Do I have to sign a contract?

No there’s no contract involved to sign, but you are required to read and accept our Terms and Conditions.

If I save a job, how long will it be saved?

Once you save a candidate, it will not be removed from your saved jobs page unless that job position is filled.

Does Job Searchine cost any money to try out?

No, you will not be charged a penny for using Job Searchine.

Does Job Searchine work outside of the U.S.?

Job Searchine can also be used in Canada, U.K. and 6 other countries. Just add the location information and you should be set.

What Kind of jobs can I find on Job

We will certainly help you in getting a full-time job or wish to get paid for work from home. Just connect with us and get all the jobs under one roof.

Do you provide any Career Advice?

Yes, we do provide career advice. Just switch to our site’s career advice tab.

How can I search Jobs?

You can easily search jobs by types, categories, states and companies.