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Company: TIBCO
Category: Architecture and Engineering Occupations
Published on 2021-06-20 22:03:39



What You'll Do

  • Become part of Business Events product engineering team 
  • Individual contributor role involving technical leadership 
  • Java based product development, maintenance and testing 
  • Work area could be any of Server side Core Java development, Web Development (Angular/JS) or Cloud technologies based on internal priori> es and requirements. 
  • Design, implement, and extend/maintain (as needed) soMware based upon the product requirements.
  • Bug fixing and maintenance of existing products and implementations. 
  • Design and implement for system performance and scalability. 8.
  • Take module ownership and lead smaller teams on issue analysis and implementation. 
  • Work closely with QA team and product management 
  • Stay up-to-date with on-going technology trends in the industry and willingness to work on PoCs involving some of them. 
  • Periodically interact with prospects/customers to understand their requirements and implement in the product. 
  • . Document new features, enhancements and follow release processes.

  • Who You Are

    Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or equivalent practical experience. 

    10+ years of relevant work experience 

    Must have expertise in the following areas

    1. Strong foundation in data structures and algorithms

    2. Distributed Computing Architecture and pa]erns

    3. Hands-on Java Server side programming

    4. Excellent problem solving and debugging skills

    5. Hands-on Multi-threading and Lock and Concurrency APIs

    6. Thread-dump Analysis - deadlock detection etc.

    7. Performance Analysis 

    Good to have experience in several but not necessarily in all of these areas:

    1. Distributed Frameworks (Apache Zookeeper/Cassandra/Apache Ignite)

    2. Server side APIs and technologies such as Json, XML, HTTP, Tomcat, Messaging (JMS / MQ etc), JDBC, connection pooling

    3. Databases such as Oracle, SQLServer, MySQL

    4. Eclipse plug-in development and UI

    5. Web technologies: Tomcat, Angular, Springboot

    6. Cloud : Docker, Amazon AWS, Kubernetes 7. Scrip> ng : Perl, python, shell 8. Build tools: Ant, Maven

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