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Category: Computer and Mathematical Occupations
Published on 2021-06-20 22:16:34
Job Brief Summary

We seek developers who will be responsible for either creating a new website or maintaining an old one. They must be well-versed in creating custom themes and custom modules in Magento platform, manage web services for mobile application and write migration scripts.

Roles & Responsibilities
  • Requirement Gathering from Business/Stakeholders Discussion with the client/business team to understand their requirement(s). Ask relevant questions and to clarify the business requirements. If needed, document the business rules.
  • Estimations & Task Planning Divide the project into modules and tasks based on the business requirement or SRS. Estimate time for the modules/tasks based on different estimation techniques. Prepare project plan and WBS which will have each module and tasks with specific start and end date. Seek approval from all the stakeholders on WBS and prepare the project plan accordingly.
  • Database creation & updating custom modules Identify the custom module/tasks and prepare the database designs using MySQL Workbench. Discuss the same with the team members and take approval from the stakeholders.
  • Coding, Debugging, Unit Testing & Documentation of Code and Application Code each module within the timeline mentioned in WBS. Debug and unit test the code/module. Use appropriate versioning tools like GIT, SVN, etc. Document the code and application which later can be shared with the client. Prepare the user manuals for custom module/code which needs to be shared with the client and used for training purposes as well. You should be able to extend the default Magento theme and functions to incorporate the custom development. Developing the custom module/extension without impacting Magento’s core files. Performing implementation of Magento’s backend Security and Optimization of Magento Stack. Writing a middleware to communicate the data from external ERP/CRM to/from Magento – would be favorable.
  • Project Deployment & Maintenance Ability to deploy Magento on plain CentOS 7. Knowledge of LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) is a must. Check all the deployment checklist before putting anything on production. Update the security patches whenever those are available. Upgrade the Magento Version.
  • Mandatory Skills & Knowledge
  • Minimum 2 years of development experience in Magento 1 and Magento 2 theme and custom module development/customization.
  • Good understanding and experience of HTML / CSS / JavaScript / jQuery.
  • Hands-on experience with Security and Optimization of Magento Website.
  • Expertise with MySQL Queries development.
  • Knowledgeable with Web Services / REST APIs.
  • Proficiency in Linux and deployment on Linux.
  • Experience with Angular JS / React JS / Knockout JS etc. will be an added advantage.
  • Knowledge of Magento 1 to Magento 2 Migration would be valuable.
  • Skilled in Magento integration with third-party systems like MailChimp / any CRM / ERP like SAP / Dynamic NAV, etc would be beneficial.
  • Knowledge of AWS services like S3, EC2 would be appreciated.
  • Expertise in Agile-based Team Development and Continuous Deployment Methodology.
  • Technologies / Frameworks / Tools / Proficiency


  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • JavaScript / jQuery 
  • HTML / CSS 
  • Angular JS / 2.0/4.0 /6.0+
  • Framework / CMS:

  • Magento 1 / Magento 2
  • Any other PHP Framework would be an added advantage.
  • Tools:

  • PhpStorm / NetBeans / Aptana Studio / Eclipse / ZendStudio
  • Operating System: Ubuntu / CentOS
  • GIT / SVN
  • Proficiency:

  • HTML / CSS / Responsive designs.
  • Security of Magento website.
  • Optimization of the Magento website.
  • What's in it for you?
  • Opportunity to grow and scale high with us.
  • Work in a fun, transparent atmosphere alongside a collaborative team.
  • Guidance and support from the senior staff for your growth.
  • Competitive salary with added benefits.
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