Senior Associate

Bengaluru, Karnataka, in
Company: SLK
Category: Life, Physical, and Social Science Occupations
Published on 2021-06-22 10:15:38

ý Support Day to Day operations at vendor and work closely with onshore teams.
ý There is also a reconciliation piece to this process to ensure everything was mailed to customers.
ý Manage processing jobs throughout the night make sure all jobs run through a reconciliation process and fix any issues prior to US morning hours.
ý Offshore will run each night ensure there is no issues. Confirm that all files for checks, statements, and feeds, reconcile and arrive from jobs to VFI SLK check each file to ensure no issues software runs and creates pages and balance between Records In and Records Out. 
ý US Daytime team support required
ý Customer Service and Reconciliation process Part II.
ý Vendor System POST manufacturing reconciliation reconcile files that onshore sends to Vendor.
ý Verify every file sent to Print Company has arrived with no issues
ý Customer Service through Group Email Box and work with customer requests that come through the email box.
ý Voya teams will send email through the Group Box that will be related to special requests and research that needs to be done. These are priority items.
ý Work with vendors on resolving issues related to the requests from the Box, what happened, what went wrong with customer checks.
ý These are all handled through email, and in addition VFI SLK will need to get on the phones to recover some issues with print vendor and Voya teams.

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