Software Engineer - PHP

Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, in
Company: Dongre Technoquip Pvt. Ltd
Category: Computer and Mathematical Occupations
Published on 2021-06-22 10:15:40
Job DescriptionGreen Hoper (Agile project management) Lucid Chart (For UI. From static wireframes to rapid prototypes) Interview Process Rounds This is a work - in - progress document of the interview process rounds for various openings with us.
As someone who wants to join our organisation , we recommend you to read the same.
What this space for more updates on other openings.
Software Engineer - PHP Process Rounds
(For Mumbai , Thane and Navi Mumbai candidates) Apply online schedule interview Day 1 Algorithm tech round / on machine or on paper 1hr 25min 10 to 25 min Case study 30min to 1hr Day 2 Peer programming round 1 to 2 hrs Advance tech round Management interview round Apply online , submit test and schedule intervie,

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