Tech Lead

Hyderabad, Telangana, in
Company: Brewhackers Technologies
Category: Installation, Maintenance, and Repair Occupations
Published on 2021-06-21 22:15:17
Brewhackers Technologies is a place for creative people to develop themselves and thrive in a rapidly changing world.
We are developing a service to help people consume and share ideas that matter faster and more efficiently.
We deliver this through an app for iOS and Android.We are small team so :Passion for the problem is our secret sauce.
At a startup, everyday is a struggle but we get through that by keeping our eyes on the prize.We find a way or make a way.
No excuses.We thrive in uncertainties.
We have more questions than answers and more opportunity to learn new things. Our tech stack is made of :Node.Js, PostgreSQL, AWS on the backendFlutter on the front end.We are looking for a full-stack engineer with a passion for product and delivery.
This is the type of job where you are pushed in cold water and you have to learn to swim by yourself.
Your personality and your traits matter more than your tech expertise:We are looking for an independent, responsible person.
Mainly because there is no time for micro-management.
We expect you to be able to carry your own weight and be a reliable partner.We are looking for a fast learner.
We may need to use technologies that you never used before.
That should not scare, but excite you.
In most cases we may not even know what we need and you may have to propose something.We are looking for you to get stuff done.
We work in weekly sprints because we believe in consistent delivery over big lengthy releases.We want you to be proactive.
We appreciate conviction way more than consensus.
Words are nice, opinions are cute … but proactivity in action is golden.We want you to be a partner for your colleagues in the dev team.
Help or lead the planning process, code reviews, commits etc.
Provide guidance and help your colleagues when they get stuck.We want you to be an over-communicator.
We are remote-first and it’s up to you to show your work, explain your ideas or highlight problems.Now on technology, these would be nice:Experience with Javascript.Experience with mobile development (native or hybrid)Experience with interface building frameworks (React, Angular, Vue etc)Experience with Node.JS, Express Framework and GraphQLExperience with SQL and NoSQL databases Skills:- NodeJS (Node.js), Javascript, React Native, Flutter, GraphQL, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and PostgreSQL

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