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Career Counsellor Trainer

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Company: LaunchMyCareer

Category: Community and Social Service Occupations

Published on 2022-05-01 02:59

About LaunchMyCareer (LMC) :

LaunchMyCareer (LMC) is a career-success platform that promises to help young learners discover their interests, identify their potential, learn workplace readiness skills, and apply these in real life. From nurturing young peoples’ skills and aptitudes to providing them age-appropriate exposure to career knowledge, LMC helps students make informed career decisions.

True career success is an amalgamation of financial stability and job satisfaction. This can be achieved when one is able to map interests and skills with available opportunities. LMC brings forth a unique gamified experience to enable young people the chance to explore career possibilities through a journey of self-discovery, harmonizing interests with future careers and helping them to acquire requisite skills. It is a comprehensive solution that unifies career guidance and preparation into a seamless experience. The platform brings together educators, counsellors and experts to steer students along with a career roadmap, under parental guidance, in a systematic, experiential and engaging way.

Job Description:

  • Help graduates & working professionals make informed career decisions by leveraging the psychometric assessment & other relevant tools.
  • Assist graduates & working professionals in defining & creating career development plans & path
  • Help graduates & working professionals shortlist the right programs & institutions for further education.
  • Carry out extensive research on careers & related subjects
  • Ideate, design, develop & implement appropriate training interventions for the learning & development of internal career counselors
  • Recommend profile building courses/activities to students
  • Help students sharpen their employability skills through appropriate training interventions
  • Well versed with the application process, timelines, financial aid and other funding to pay for their education
  • Help students with effective resume writing, profile, salary negotiation and job interviews skills training

Required Skills, Knowledge & Abilities:

  • Excellent written & verbal communication
  • Strong problem solving skills
  • Excellent management & motivational skills
  • Proficient in google workspace
  • Excellent multitasking skills & time management

Education & Experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Counseling or related field
  • Master’s degree in counseling majored in career counseling
  • Career Counseling & training Certifications
  • Total Work Experience of 8-10 years in career counseling & training
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