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Senior/Lead Data Scientist

Data Axle

Data Axle

Pune, Maharashtra, IN.



Computer and Mathematical Occupations

Published on 2022-07-22 18:22

The critical components we need from candidates include:

# Fully owning the end-to-end modeling lifecycle (data ingestion, feature engineering/selection, model training/test, model inference, scoring)

  • So, not just doing one or two of those items, but have experience in all phases of the lifecycle. With Associates, that may not be as doable and that’s ok
  • The more senior they are, the more experience they should have (working on different domains, various problem statements, different types of models, etc..)
  • The years of experience requested in the JD is for years of actual data science experience – not their work total experience; 4 to 15 years of work experience.

# Look for other project examples beyond NLP or Classification models. Only ever building classification models is likely not going to fit

  • NLP and Keras are fine but better if they include regression, neural net, ensemble, random forest, xgboost, svm, etc..
  • Building chatbots is of little interest or need so if that’s all they highlight in their projects, don’t bother passing along
  • I’ve seen lots of data extraction from documents on resumes – again, nice experience but not critical

# Experience in AWS is of big value (we’ve recently decided to stay with AWS and not move to GCP) and python is a must

  • Building and deploying in Sagemaker is a plus

# Proven experience using documentation and code review systems – ideally GitHub – for PR is a huge plus

  • My team is particularly critical of data scientists able to write organized and clean code because so much of what we are doing needs to be efficient and scalable.
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