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HCL Technologies

Telecom Expense Management - Executive

Nagpur, Maharashtra, IN

Company: HCL Technologies

Category: Computer and Mathematical Occupations

Published on 2022-04-24 04:49

Interface to all third-party Telecommunication Vendors, both domestic and international

Review of all Transport Vendor charges, and ensure and maintain that all Valid Carrier charges are applied to Client

Integrate processes with Client or Client designated Third-Party Vendor.

o Ensure information contained within the Service Provider maintained circuit tracking system can be cross referenced with Client s CMS (Service Now) system and TEMS solution.

o Update, insert, delete, and otherwise maintain Client s TEMS system directly with all required circuit information related to changes, start up, and shut down of Transport Facilities; and

o When discrepancies are identified by Client or Client designated Third-Party Vendor assist Client in proper management of Carrier payments.

Invoice Management

o Receive invoices from the carriers in CD-ROM, paper and/or electronic invoice format.

o Load invoices daily into the TEMS system.

o Validate total charges to ensure accurate loading i.e. accuracy level of loaded data is greater than ninety nine percent (99%).

o Load invoices with the most granular level of expense detail that can be captured by the TEMS software application, facilitating robust, automated audits of each charge item on every invoice.

o Process new carrier bill format within 1 billing cycle.

o Provide global visibility (via read access) to invoice data through web-based TEMS software.

o Generate the "Missing Invoice Report to identify and collect from the vendor missing invoices i.e. either by retrieving them from the vendor website or alternately request them from the vendor.

o Track and request missing invoices from the vendor.

Invoice Verification

o Preform Rate Audit Tests Rate tests compare actual billing data to the corresponding contracted rates.

o Perform Bill Audit Tests Validate the integrity and accuracy of invoices for unknown usage charges, late payment fees, billing errors.

o Perform Inventory Audit Tests Check actual billing for unaccepted or unknown inventory and erroneous charges for disconnected inventory.

o Perform Variance Tests Analyze variances in the total month-to-month bills and invoices, line cost variances, working telephone number, and compares the amount billed versus previously paid amounts.

o Track usage - In the audit module, thresholds can be defined/set to identify violations for specific telecom services such a

(1.) To provide support for on call escalations and doing root cause analysis of given issue (2.) To independently resolve tickets within agreed SLA of ticket volume and time (3.) To adhere to quality standards, regulatory requirements and company policies (4.) Work on value adding activities such Knowledge base update and management, Training freshers, coaching analysts (5.) To ensure positive customer experience and CSAT through First Call Resolution and minimum rejected resolutions or Reopen Cases

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